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Man-Roland 906 LV (2008)

Age: 2008 Max.Size: 142 x 102 cm (55 x 40 inch) Colors: 6 Impress.Count: 350 mio

Extras: Autoplate - Digital Controls - Touch-screen Control - Coater - Autosize - Dryer - CIP

Description: 6 colors, Varnish group, UV final dryer, 6B2 format: 1020 x 1420 Special mini format: 500 x 720, Margin and revenue logistics, PPL plate wedging, Speed: ​14,000 f/h, , Beta.c (combined device – inking and dampening tables), Beta.f: dampening water filtering system, , Raising modules: 664 mm, Eltosch IR/AC/UV final dryer, UV Power 160W/cm, Total IRK power ​47kW, Total MRI power ​14kW, Hot air power: 58.5 kW, , Double extension (VV): 2477mm 2477mm, , Automatic Nonstop Margin and Reception (for support > 200g/m²), Logistics system E19 (margin) and A01 (Receiving), , RCI Off Press Controls, Grapho Metronic FM19 Colour Management, Press Pilot Network Connection, Press raised on 667mm concrete plinth, Rolandmatic Dampening, Ink Temperature Control, Technotrans Beta.c combination unit for Recirculation & Refrigeration, Technotrans Beta.f - Filtration Unit, Automatic Non-Stop Feeder, Pallet Logistics in Feeder, PPL - Power Plate Loading, Auto Ink Roller Wash, Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Impression Cylinder Wash, Skeleton Transfer Cylinders - Transferters, Tresu Anilox Coating Unit with Spare Anilox Chamber, Gantry for Anilox Roller Removal, Varnish Pumps x 2 - 1 for UV and 1 for Conve...

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